24 March 2012

Things to do to grow Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is an important part of a website for every website owner or blogger. Without SEO it is impossible for search engine to display your page in upper rank. So here I expalined some tips to maximize your SEO.
Unique and useful CONTENT is key factor to optimize you website or blog. Because the unique and useful content is always indexed by the search engines.  Search engines index websites based on the content found on each page of the site. The content should be gramatically rich and should be easy to understand Visitors.
There are many SEO Companies on internet that claim to get website or blog in first rank of Google search engine. I think there claim is not 100% true. Because no one can guarantee a #1 in Google. For best result in search engines(Any) for a website or blog is to be genuine with your website or blog. Means you don't have to do any wronge thing by which your website or blog should be blacklisted in search engines. As per my view there is no proper program is executed by any search engines. Search engine is a simple program which gives their user best results.
You don't need to submit your website or blog 50,000 search engines. Businesses which offer this service are suspect, at best. 85% of the search results on the Internet come from one search engine, which, if you have one link from an established website, or better yet, a directory, will find your site just fine, on it's own. Four (4) search engines account for over 90% of the traffic on the web.
SEO is not Pay-per-Click.
While no one would argue the effectiveness of getting increased traffic and sales, through a well planned, pay-per-click campaign, the fact remains that the conversion rates are generally low and they cease the moment the "pay" stops. With a well planned and executed SEO campaign, while results may take a bit longer, they continue to produce, and in fact grow, long after the work is done and paid for. Quite often we have found that after a thorough optimization of a site, only minor adjustments are needed on an ongoing basis, primarily related to new content and/or new items of sale or service.
Many companies spend thousands of dollors per month on search engine optimization., while an alternative is available which will pay more than your initial investment. How can you do this? yes you can do this it's very simple as like a offline business, the sales person must have to reach to his customers and sale his product. Same is for online busines you have to reach maximum no of other websites and blog on internet place a good comment and your link on others website or blog this will help to distribute your link on internet. Social networking is the second best option to reach out to visitors on inertnet. Today social networking is popular method to reach more people online.
While your business is online beware of any shortcut or any less ethical schemes that anyone might suggest to further your business goals. Due to iligle shortcuts your site may be baned by search engines this will affect on your online business and your website reputation.
So please don't go for unwanted and artificial traffic sources. Just try natural and commited traffic sources.

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