22 March 2012

Useful tips to make online money from home

Making online money is not easy. It requires lot of efforts, perfect planning, some webmaster knowledge. There are many websites and blogs available on Internet, few of them get success, but most of them are failed to make money. There are many technical tips to make your website or blog successful mean to say they can earn smart money. If your website or blog not become successful then the the time and money you have spend to make your online business successful is wasted. So first of all you have to learn some basic knowledge of making website or blog. 

1) The most important thing to get success online is huge patience. If you think to create a website or a blog it is not necessary that your website or blog get traffic immediately.
2) You have to spend some time with your website or blog. Work hard to manage all the things required to get traffic, such as if you want your website or blog should be get some rank in search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing then you must work hard with search engine optimization.
3) The most important thing is your website or blog content must be unique and useful for your visitors. If your content is not useful then it should be very sad to say that you get visitors by your best SEO, but you get only new visitors for your website or blog and the visitors don't visit again to website or blog if they don't get useful content.
4) Also check your Bounce Rate. If bounce rate is high then some times it is good but the time spent on your website is very low. Means the visitor click on your website or blog and immediately left from it.
5) Making money online has the same problems that a real business has but if you haven't been planning starting a real business you don't even realize it. So the first step to start online business website or blog you have to plan that on which subject you have to start your online business. As per my experience I was started to write a blog last year I post a new content on it within 15 days. I become very happy because of the traffic on it but after some time I realized that I have traffic on my blog but it is not converted in money. That time I realized that my blog content is not satisfied to my visitors. So I again work hard on my blog and collect the important information from Internet related to webmasters. And now I have earn some money but not like smart money. I still working hard to make online money fast.
6) The difference with an online business is that you don’t have so much expenses especially if you know your game. Choosing the right domain name, doing some SEO will get you far, but with online stores the conversion rate is always going to be a lot worse than with offline ones. If you take time to go to a store in your town or nearby, you are most likely going to buy something anyways regardless of the price – unless you are a woman and you are going to shop for clothes. Online stores have a lot of visitors who don’t buy anything because they are just there to do a quick price comparison or see if you have the exact product that they are looking for. Offline stores sell a lot more per visitor but also have a lot more running expenses. Online affiliate product websites sell even less and the commission that you are going to get is marginal compared to the amount of money that the company paying you is going to make.
7) Making money online without investment is possible. But if you want to start your online business successfully then you have to spend some money that means first you have to buy the domain name which is suitable for your online business. You have to spend money on web designing, on search engine optimization etc. The point of this is that you can make money online without investing a lot of money, but don’t be a cheap and try to get everything for free. Get a hosting account, and a few domain names, and you are still spending a lot less than you would if you were running a real offline business.

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