07 May 2012

Two Easy Step to Increase Traffic free

There are many people who are engaged in blogging. They have Useful Content on their blogs and websites. But they don't have more traffic from any kind of source means from search engines, social Bookmarking Sites etc. To get Traffic from search engines is very difficult, you have to manage SEO for free search engine traffic. For Social Bookmarking Sites you have to follow the people. It takes to long time to get success. While today Commenting is most useful and easy process. Comment on the websites or blogs in your blogs Niches. There are two Major Benefits from this process.  You should get free backlink, may be increase your rank in search engines and free traffic from this websites.

How can you do this?
  Very simple! 
First Step :
Google provide a free service 'GOOGLE ALERT'.  Type Google Alert in your browser. You can get the list of websites

Choose the  website www.google.com/alert  and click on it. Now you can get the page shown as in following picture

In this page fill your search queries means the query related to your blog e.g if suppose your blog is related to 'Online Marketing' then type "Online Marketing"(Tip: Use quotes "like this" around a set of words in your query to match them exactly) in 'Search Query' option. In second option select 'Everything', so everything happened with your search query it will be emailed to you from Google alert.  In third option select 'As it happened' so as soon as any one post content related to your search query it will be emailed you. In fourth option select 'Only the best results', so you get only best results. In fifth option enter your 'Email' where you want to accept your result. 
Now go to your inbox verify the email from google alert. After some time you will start to get some results related to your search queries. You can get more no. of search queries it's totally free for all not necessary to have an account in Google Services. If you want to delete your query see at the bottom  of your email page as shown below. 

Now you will get daily emails from google alert in your Inbox

So what next?
Click on the emails from google alerts related to your search queries. Click on the links shown in these emails

Click on the links you will get the posts related to your blog read it carefully if you found interesting leave a respectful comment on it. Enter your details as shown below

You will see many google alert in your inbox. Just click on it and leave comments daily your website traffic will definitely increase. 

Second Step :

Second best method to find the blogs related to your niche is google blog search engine. Type "blogs" in google search engine.

Click on Google search you can get the list of different websites with in few seconds.

In this search list find google.com/blogsearch. Click on this link, you will get the search engine as shown below

In this search engine type your search content suppose "Online Marketing" click on search button. Now you will get the list of different blogs related to your post. Read the snippet carefully and if you find interesting then click on the link.

 In this link if you find interesting then leave the best comment. Commenting is the  free and best way to get backlinks and free traffic.

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