11 April 2012

Increase traffic by adding Meta Tags in Old Blogger Interface

Search engine is the best way to get traffic free. How to get traffic through search engine. Means when internet user search for the specific keywords and get different websites related to keyword. Now question is how to get crawled your page by search engine and display it in search result. Meta Tag is the best answer for this question. When search engine find websites for keywords, it search keyword in meta tag. So Meta tag is very important factor for a website or blog.
What is meta tag?
Meta Tag is a HTML tag which provides information of web pages. It is not affect how the page displayed. It provide description of website or blog, keywords represent the page's content, and auther information. Many search engines use this information when building their indices.
How to add meta tag?
Meta Tags plays an important role in Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Web pages are accurately indexed by search engines by Meta TagsMeta. In simple words Meta Tags helps search engines to tell information about web pages in detailed and these web pages are easily indexed by search engines.

Signup bloggers 'Dashboard'  select the blog then select the option 'Design' as shown below

By selecting Design new page is opened. On this page select 'Edit HTML' option.

Clicking on 'Edit HTML' option you can see the page displayed below

now add the following Meta Tag code as shown below.

DISCRIPTION = Write blog description in detail in few words.
KEYWORDS = Write keywords of your blog.
AUTHOR NAME = Write author name.

Find <HEAD> tag and add the meta tag code in <HEAD> tag as shown below

Don't forget to save templete.

Now your blog must be indexed by search engines.

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