25 March 2012

Generate traffic using search engines

Any kind of information on internet from one end to another end on any thing from any country or place is searched by search engines within few seconds with no. of lists of websites. Means There is very easy to find any kind of information on internet is that just type your the proper keywords in search engine. It shows many kind of websites related to your keywords within few seconds. So the important source to generate traffic on your website or blog is search engine. It is natural flow of traffic not artificial flow of traffic.
Leading Search Engines :
Google, Bing, MSN, Alexa, Web Search.com, Ask.com, Blekko.com, ChaCha.com, DuckDuckGo.com, Yahoo.com etc.

How to generate traffic from search engines?
Today Search Engine is a very popular and powerful platform to grow online business. If can put your website in top 40-50 in search results then you will get absolutely free traffic because most of the users see only 40-50 results. So have to work hard to keep your website in 40-50 search results.
Submit your website or blog in different directories
Directory is a lists of websites of different catagaries. When you submit your website to directory, you just need to enter your title, description and keywords. Some of directories will not ask you to enter keywords. You also need to select category you want it.
Crawler search engine
Crawler Search Engine is nothing but a spider or robots. Means a special program that jumps between the websites called as crowler. This crowler is continuously finding for new websites within 24 hours in a day. For this kind of search engine not nessaccasy to submit your website or blog title, description and keywords. This crowler will index your wbsite or blog automatically. We just have to submit website or blog url. Crowler will auutomatically index your website or blog and index essential things of your website or blog.  If your site has no incoming links, the only way to invite the Search Engine Spider is to take advantage of suggestion the site by yourself; the majority Crawler-based search engines allow it.
PPC search engine
PPC is a paid search engine. PPC search engine stand for pay per click search engine. This kind of search engine will ask you to pay them to use it. Mostly, they will cost you minimum 1 cent until 5 cent. However PPC search engine will list your website depend on how much you want to pay them in particular keywords. If you want to pay them more than other competitor that use the same keywords, you will be listed on the top. Before you use PPC search engine, you need to add some deposit. Then your deposit will decrease when someone click on your link.
Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, MIVA, 7Search, ABCSearch, Microsoft adCenter, Findology, Marchex AdHere, Searchfeed are the major PPC search engines.

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