19 March 2012

Money Making Machine for Western Countries

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In whole world there are few businesses they can afford large scale advertising and there are many of the small businesses that can not afford large scale advertising. For thse businessesGoogle adword is the best option to reach out to the customers all over world. This kind of ads are the money making machine for the bloggers. Somewhere I readGoogle Wallet.
Google is the biggest platform for the people who share their knowledge with the world with their blogs or websites. Googleprovide a platform Blogger.com,. Where people write their thoughts on  the blog. Google respect these people, Google give them one more platform to earn money with their blogs withGoogle Adsense, mean to say the small business ads are displayed on the blogs. The readers of the blog may be searching for a perticular thing which they may be found on the  blog and they click on the ad and some smart amount should be paid to blogger. But now these days most of the people misuse this facility provided by blogger. They go to some other place and click on the ads on their blogs and want to make money money. But this is not possible because Google analyses click-through rates and becomes curiously suspicious when they see that most clicks are generated from only a few addresses. Google may be baned for these blogger forever. So when you want to makeGoogle's profit then please avoid this kind of things.
You just share your thoughts on your blog Google will take care of your profit. Don't use paid traffic for your blog because Googleshould track the clicks by the robot. So keep writing useful blogs and attract your visitors to visit your blog again and again. You do your job genuinely and make smart Google profit.
Think about the size about of the market and Google's support. As your Page Rank increases  day by day your blog should be targeted by Google and it may be in first position in the search engine.You can use some tricks like incerting keywords, meta tags, useful backlinks etc. in your blog. You can use softwares that can analyse your all activities. This allows to keep track of all your visitors, how long they stay on your blog, how is there response they directly close your blog tab or they jump at another page from your blog(Bounce Rate). This kind of software is provided by GoogleGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is very useful for eavry website and blog owner. It help to all the things which help you to improve your traffic. The Google support is very strong. You can find all the answers of your questions in your mind about Google.
So please don't become a Fraudster, stick with the Genuinely money making machine GOOGLE. 

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