19 March 2012

Get Financial freedom just sharing your Best Thoughts.

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Dear friends I just started blogging and my personal experience is very good with blogging.
I created some blogs. Make it user friendly, mean to say
Try to write best content(my actual thoughts) related to the particular topic.
  • I used very simple templets in my blogs that should be opened quickly even internet connection is too slow.
  • The fonts and the font size is also medium, that readers read my blog without stretching their eyes and use simple colore for title. That may be cool for the readers eyes.
  • I used the images which are related to my blog post. 
  • I was tried to keep clean and neat my blog pages.
  • I didn't used more or unwanted keywords in my blogs.  
  • I yet not add meta tags in my blogs.
  • Now I daily see my blogs stats, it will shocked me up to 20 to 30 readers are visited on my blogs, I don't know how people reached and know about my blogs.
  • The traffic source on my blogs is Google.com search engine. 
  • how it is possible? 
  • But one thing I want to share with you that if you have write a good content on your blog Google will automatically increase your page rank and your blog is must displayed on first page of search result.
  • So try to post good content and update your blog(if possible daily) once in 15 to 30 days.
  • Keep writing best content. And see your blog on first page in Google search.

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