19 March 2012

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate
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The percentage of your visitors are bouncing away after landing on your website or blog  means, the visitor just visit your web page and leave before clicking on your site on second page of your site. This is due to visitor close his browser, click on back button, click on ads, used search box, and etc. All these actions(from one page to another page) done by a visitor on a website is counted as a Bounce Rate. The bounce rate is calculated by the formula
Bounce rate = Visits that left after one page / Total number of visits
For example, if suppose in a month your site visits 120,000 visitors, out of which 80,000 bounced after visiting just one page, your bounce rate for that month would be 80,000 divided by 120,000, which equals to 0.66 (or 66%). Notice that you can calculate the bounce rate of your whole website or of single pages inside it.
The lower bounce rate is better because the visitors are engaged by the web site content and design so they should have to click on the second/ third page of the web site.
How do you know the exact bounce rate on your site? A web analytics program like Google Analytics will automatically track the numbers for you.
Bounce Rate is a very important term for the web site and blog owners.

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