19 March 2012

Improve Pay Per Click

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Everyone working on computer related to internet earnings know what is PPC, Pay Per Click. Means you get handsome amount if your website visitors clicks on the ads displaying on your website or blog.
The largest and popular PPC network in these days is Google AdWord and it is a very efficient promotional channel because it allow you to display your ads directly in Google's search results.
You have to learn that how to optimize your PPC campaigns, otherwise you are just wasting your time and money and you get no results.
A key concept you need to understand if you want to have success with PPC campaigns is the"Quality Score" one, because it will affect both how much you will end up paying per click and the position of your ads. In other words, the higher your Quality Score, the higher  the traffic that you will be able to buy for the same amount of money.
Basically each keyword inside your ad groups will have its own Quality Score. Once a search query is performed in Google, the AdWords system will gather all the advertisers who are bidding on that keyword, and it will use both the bid amount and the Quality Score of each keyword in the ad groups of those advertisers to determine what ads will be displayed, and in what order.
If you are going to put ads in Google's Search Network (i.e., in Google's search results), these are factors that will affect then Quality Score of your keywords:
-the average CTR (click-through rate) of your ad
-the average CTR of all the ads in your Adwords account
-the quality of the landing page for the ad
-the relevance of the keyword to the content of the ad
-other relevance factors
Practically speaking, this means that you should:
1. Create many versions of your ads, with different headlines and
descriptions, and then stick with the ones with the higher CTR.
2. Make sure that the landing page for your ads respect Google's
quality guidelines (i.e., plenty of content, no popups, etc).
3. Make sure that you only target keywords related to your ads.
4. Make sure that you only target keywords related to the content
of your landing page.
If you try to spend less per click by targeting unrelated keywords,
for example, you might save some money in the short term, but over
the long run you'll ruin your Quality Score and the efficiency of
your PPC campaigns will decrease. 

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