19 March 2012

How to use Keywords?

How to use Keywords in blog or on the websites?
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Working with a blog for better SEO it is most important to write SEO friendly blog posts you need to understand how to use keywords in your writing so they actually help your search rankings. To get more traffic to your blog or website SEO is the main area where you have to work hard.
The following few sentences help you to write SEO friendly article for your blog or website. These all tips are commonly accepted techniques to use to ensure search engines find your keywords and rank your content accordingly
1) Use keywords in your post titles.
2)  Make sure your keywords are included in your blog post’s title.
3) Use keywords in your subtitles and post headings. Include a subtitle with your blog post or break your post into sections with a heading for each section.
4) Use the headings attributes, H1, H2, H3, and so on (or bold or italics) to format your subtitle and headings.
5) Use keywords at the beginning and end of your post content. Use the same keyword as well as variations of that keyword (plural, different verb tense, and so on) at least two times within the first 100 words or so of your blog post as well as at the end of your blog post.
6) Use keywords in and around links in your posts. If possible, make your keywords link to another page or include your keywords around links within your post.
7) Make sure the keyword links you use in your blog post are relevant, or they can do more harm than good. Google might view them as spam if they’re abundant and aren’t relevant to your post content.
8) Use keywords to name your images and in ALT tags : If possible, name the images used in your post with your keywords and include them in the ALT tag of your image’s HTML code. However, make sure it’s relevant to do so, or Google might view your efforts as keyword stuffing, which is a form of spam.
9) Don't repeat keywords again and again search engines avoid this kind of pages.
10) Learn more about keywords how to use it in meta tags.

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