19 March 2012

How to drive traffic to your website or blog when you sleep?

What is Affilate markting?
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First we discuss the word Affiliate. Affiliate means to join with other. That means you join your website with others website is the most important and popular traffic generation option. Once you join the proper website you get the main thing backlink and the other thing is to drive traffic from others web to your website. It automatically drive traffic to your website when you are not online or you sleep at your home.
Which is the best  affiliate marketing product?
How to choose proper affiliate product for your website?
Dear friends so you want to setup a new affiliate marketing website. Which is the best affiliate product? How can you convert your efforts in successful result? Which affiliate product gives you more money?
This questions have very simple answer. your success depends on your website Content and your Visitors.
Now you thinking that this is very puzzling answer. You think question against question. But you already know the answer of above question. What it is? just think How you interact when you visit others websites.
Try to match your affiliate product to your visitors.
if you are interested in body building and you are on body building site, you must click on a link or advertisement like"How to build body?".  That means you have to affiliate the website which is related to your website content. Means your visitors visits your website for the the content they want. So if you want your visitors have to click on link or advertisement on your website you must affiliate the website which is match with the content on your website.

In simple words find out what your visitors wants then find it or create it and give it to them. Don’t make the mistakes like people make. They find a product then they try to find a market. This is the hardest way to build an online business unless you are experienced in traffic building or are prepared to go down the paid traffic track.

You need to do your keyword and niche research, set up a site that targets the people looking for those keywords and promote products that directly relate to what those people are interested in when they come to your site.

When your traffic, content and affiliate program match, you will increase your conversions. After you get this right, it becomes a numbers game. Improve your headline and test. Try a different product and test.

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