19 March 2012

Analyze website traffic on server log.

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If you want to become success in internet business than you must Analyze your website  traffic.
When analyzing traffic, it is very important to understand the difference between hits on your website and website visitors. You must realize why both hits and visitors are important?
To analyze traffic to your website, you should be looking at your server logs. Server logs come in very raw data, but most hosting companies have interpreting programs that summarize the information into readable form. From these programs, you should be able to analyze who is sending you traffic, nature of your visitores and the number of hits.

Traffic should be analyzing in two ways, no. of hits and no. of visitors on the website.
A visitor on your site may be come from the other place e.g. from any search engine, or from others website(your website may be backlink from where the visitor come to your website). In your server log(The website on which you purchase your domain name) a visitor will be creadited with visiting the site one time regardless of the no. of pages the visitors views. e.g. suppose a person visits a music shop and how much CD's he looks in the shop. Same for the website visitors each action is stored on the server log. Every click by the visitors is stored on the server log.

The simple fact is both visitors and hits are important statistics to analyze in your server logs. The information on the number of visitors is important because you want to know how many customers are coming to your site. That being said, you should never focus on visitors without contemplating hits as well.

Hits by your visitors on your website are very impotant. Because how many visitors and no. of hits by the visitors are very important because you can analyze that how many visitors are interested in your website content. This shows the true traffic and your website potential.
If your website has multiple pages, you must find out that how many visitors are clicked into internal pages. This will shows the depth of your website.

So by analyzing traffic you must know your website depth. You get an idea about your visitors test. 

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